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Blackfordby College of Agriculture is situated approximately 60km north west of Harare on Klein Kopjes Farm in Concession, Mazowe District. The farm is 1,350ha in extent and is located in Natural Region IIA of the agro ecological zones of Zimbabwe.

Blackfordby College was founded in 1974 (then as the Tobacco Training Institute, TTI) at the direct request of members of the Zimbabwe Tobacco Association (ZTA). This was at a time of crisis in the industry when static prices and disappointing yields were threatening the viability of the country’s large scale commercial farmers.



Bothwell Murindagomo
5 January 2016

“ I must take time out to express my sincere gratitude to each one of you for enhancing my life and making me the farming expert I am today…”

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    Harare Contact: Zimbabwe Tobacco Association (ZTA),  
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